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Ivory's Special Coatings . . . Excellence in Service!

Heavy Duty Coatings for:
Structural steel, pipes, pumps. 

Architectural Finishes for:
Handrails, stairs, gates, fences, balustrades.

Presentation can make all the difference to a finished product and this alone is how people will judge your business.

Over the years there has been many technological advances in the preparation of metal surfaces, along with special coatings designed to cope with toxic chemicals and the corrosive atmosphere we live and work in.

Ivory's Special Coatings in Sydney's west can tackle any problem and come up with a cost effective solution. No matter what type of surface finish you require, Ivory's Special Coatings can handle anything from the smallest to the largest job with fastest turnaround guaranteed.

Quality Control
All Coating Systems are applied within rigid standards.  They are carried out under strict supervision to ensure quality control requirements are met.

Where Superior Quality Counts
Architectural finishes including new unique Metallic, Industrial, Structural and Marine finishes are all applied in the shop then packed and dispatched to site.

Call us for assistance and/or a quotation on your next coatings project.